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Cashflow forecasting, daily

Cash flow forecasting is a fundamental and vital business tool that all companies should be carrying out daily, whatever size they are.


Planning and predicting what you need to spend, when monies should be received, your statutory payments, when to save and when to borrow money will allow your company more stability, a greater chance of success and much better communication with suppliers, customers, lenders, shareholders and stakeholders. If your company runs out of cash and is unable to fund future payments out it has become insolvent and should cease trading.

Instant Insight use a variety of differing methods to map out and calendarise a company’s cash flow over the future 4-8 weeks and beyond. This forecast can be used by the senior leadership team to highlight potential future cash flow issues or allow them to plan, for example, when to purchase an asset or pay out dividends. Some clients share this forecast with staff, in particular departments, so they can prioritise when to purchase stock, services or products within their own budgets without causing instability to the company.

Accounting systems such as Xero allow simple cash flow forecast summaries to be produced as often as you require, however the system must be completely up to date with your company’s sales and purchase ledgers. For more accurate reporting either manual recording or 3rd party software will be required by your bookkeeper, accountant or outsourced accounting partner. 

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